Our Services

247-365 Support Service

excel because we combine several different types of service to create your unique solution:

Technical services

Programming, web design, desktop and mobile apps, scripts etc.


IT Support Services

We can run your 1st tier IT support and helpdesk, email systems etc.


Drawing services

Graphic Design, Logo Design, CAD, 3D modelling etc.


Non Technical services

All your basic repetitive and ad-hoc tasks, data entry and support to your other systems and services.

Accounts Administration

Your more financially focused admin, e.g. raising and sending POs to suppliers, creating invoices, etc.


247-365 Support Services excel because we combine several different types of service to create your unique solution:

Prepare statements and reports, purchase ledger work, entering POs and sending/chasing suppliers, statement reconciliations, balance, spending reports etc

Sales ledger entry work, analysis, reconciliations, issuing statements, various standard reports etc

Compile and analyze financial information for your accounts team to prepare financial statements including monthly and annual accounts etc

Check and summarise expenses etc

Human Resources

Monitor routine personnel actions and requests regarding existing employees and new hires.

Performance Management, time log information and processing, monitor the time log system & prepare daily/weekly/monthly reports and other MI reports.

Update HR policy manual and other related documents – e.g. car hire etc as requested

Employee database, process entry of employee source data and documentation into the human resources information system and personnel files

Website Design and Development Process

The exact process will be slightly different for each customer, but it generally includes:

Gathering all the information needed.








Upload of the website


Testing and Delivery


Maintenance to keep the web site up to date

Other Finance

Administer the financial system to ensure that finances are sustained in a timely and accurate manner.

Analyze, reconcile, balance, and maintain accounting records; develop budgets and special financial reports.

Monitor revenue and expenses for departmental or unit accounts.

Prepare integrated financial and statistical reports, statements, projections etc.

Other Finance


Designing and developing training and developing programs based on both the companies and the individuals needs


Our skilled, knowledgeable staff members can offer expert, personal attention to clients’ specific needs such as creating online courses, for example setting up an internal use Moodle account.

Creating presentations, guides and other documentation as required

Modify and improve existing programs and managing projects and programs.



SERP is a comprehensive suite of business applications including Sales, CRM, Planning, Procurement, Warehouse management, Manufacturing, Financial reporting, Customer logins, supplier logins and more.


Modular: SERP ERP’s modular approach allows customers to build up steadily and add other modules later.


Customers keep the benefits of an integrated software but avoid large scale cost.


Simple: SERP ERP allows you to manage your business processes in only a few clicks.


Online, whether in the office, employees working from home, for your suppliers and your customers. Very flexible.


Affordable: Low rental fees makes SERP ERP very affordable and provide great value for customers.


Minimal training required and we can import information from your legacy systems.


We can host, so no need for your own servers.


Bespoke requirements are possible. For additional cost, we are able to do bespoke programming for your requirements as we designed the whole system.


Ideal for small to medium sized businesses.


Integrate – export and import data into your financial packages from our system, for example, Opera Pegasus.


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