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Licensed 'partners' for offshore mini-centres

If you have an existing business in IT, web development, programming, telecoms or related industry then you could become a 'partner' with us.

What does this mean?

You can hire a mini offshore centre to:

  • Work solely on your own projects
  • Sub-contract staff to third parties
  • A combination of both the above

You will be able to utilise and supplier offshore mini-centres for yourself or third parties looking to save costs and increase their resources for their businesses.

Why invest?

To get cost and resource advantage; it includes rent of office, infrastructure and staff

What else do you get?

We recruit and supply computers and netwok. Staff work 9-5 five days a week for exclusively for you. The staff can be monitored as much as you require e.g. Skype/Logmein etc.

Our selection criteria

You must have an existing business and basic IT skills otherwise we will not select you for this opportunity.

The normal setup for a SME 'partner' is between five and twenty staff.

The minimum term would be for a three month contract and with five staff

Call us to discuss your requirements…

Everything is exclusive of VAT as we are VAT registered; as long as you also registered for VAT then you will be able to recover this.